If you would like to have a chat to discuss whether mediation is right for you, your business or your client, or what the cost may be, or what sort of mediator you might need, please get in touch.

The fees for conducting a mediation are fixed and agreed in advance. They are intended to be reasonable and proportionate, having regard to the value and complexity of the dispute and the nature and likely duration of the particular mediation (most mediation sessions are concluded in one day).

Fixed fee assumptions
Mediation set up

4 Hours

Liaising with all parties and their advisers to enter into an agreement to mediate, agree the mediation process and put in place the mediation arrangements


8 Hours

Conducting the mediation session itself, which usually lasts a day

Follow up

2 hours

Liaising with the parties and their representatives to ensure the mediation is safely concluded

Where these assumptions are exceeded with the agreement of the parties, then additional fees may be payable based on a fixed hourly rate which has been agreed in advance.